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Photo and Video department

Click for larger imageThe Photographer is responsible for taking photographs of guests at gangways, embarkation, deck, dining room, weddings, couples and costumes, helping with portrait studios and photo props set ups.

He/she is also responsible for inventory and proper care and maintenance of the photographic equipment and an effective use of perspective and composition ideas, application and use of photographic equipment including camera body controls, zone focus technique, etc.

An applicant must have basic knowledge of printing color balance and quality control procedures, as well as basic mechanical and dexterity skills used in production. Having a pleasant and very friendly personality is a must. Excellent English skill is compulsory.

The Videographer is responsible for shooting weekly events, tours, shoots and edits weddings, editing a weekly tape for revenue, schedules programs for on air playback, live broadcasts, music programming, equipment maintenance, satellites repositioning, graphic creation, etc.

An applicant must have experience in video production as well as excellent shooting & editing skills. Friendly personality, professional attitude and excellent written & verbal skills are required.

Shipboard equipment: DPS Velocity editing system, Sony 250 DVCAM Video Cameras , Lightronix scheduling software, Power Point software, Image Music System, Parkervision Robotic Cameras, Panasonic Switcher, Spirit LX7 audio on board etc.

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