Employment Power - Shipboard employment opportunities
Employment Power - Shipboard employment opportunities

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FÜR AIDA CRUISES Wird Restaurant und Küchenpersonal dringend benötigt

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URGENT - Norwegian Cruise Lines interview

Belgrade, 21st and 22nd of August, Hotel IN, Bul. Arsenija Carnojevića 56 starting at 8:30

Zagreb, 23rd August, Agencija Uspinjaca , Tkalciceva 27, starting at 8:30

Banja Luka , 24th August, hotel BOSNA, Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 97, starting at 10:00

Please, see/copy-paste the links for position below:

• Waiter, https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=5942&company=NCLPROD&username=&st=57733AB03889AEFD0A453A10381DE6AC8435908B

• Assistant Waiter, https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=5461&company=NCLPROD&username=&st=5DDE398657318D00582994DB0A90A30779DFD02C

• Restaurant Hostess, https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=5445&company=NCLPROD&username=&st=201DB20830CA832745036B2A524ECBC9196D0A10

• Cook, https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=5307&company=NCLPROD&username=&st=31F380CE63A45DA8D813CEE6408E3DF26EE21DAC

• Assistant Cook, https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=5306&company=NCLPROD&username=&st=BA0832A38E7925BF9663DFE9D99AC84F0F5F81E3

• Wine Steward, https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=5302&company=NCLPROD&username=&st=C018CD6C4D4E70266F58F91B144862FAC6DC4E10

• Bartender, https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=5301&company=NCLPROD&username=&st=BC9B3865007C4ACF33C8844FE89C023DDB14DA39

• GSA, https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=5445&company=NCLPROD&username=&st=201DB20830CA832745036B2A524ECBC9196D0A10

• Casino Dealer, https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareerpvt?jobId=5303&company=NCLPROD&username=&st=181AC7BA5DD307492B3EAD075ADAB0EB4BD9F1D7

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